Nurit Bar-Shai and Nils Kesler – Sound to Shape



Objectivity [tentative]: Sound to Shape
from the soundscapes series

Including an opening evening event

The soundscapes series is part of a body of work “Objectivity [tentative]”, which explores the intersection of art science and technology. The protagonist, a “smart” microorganism bacterium performs complex social behavior. These “chemical tweets” enables rich communication patterns, each with an exceptional and rare imagery outcome.

This body of work looks into biological systems of self- organization, the immense complexity within seemingly simple structures, and the process of achieving dramatically varied results with slight alterations in initial settings.

The soundscapes series, examine the complex networks and decision making of microorganism that “grow images” based on variable applied sound frequencies. Audio waves are transmitted through liquid agar-medium as it solidifies and forms sound-landscapes.

Bar-Shai invited Nils Kesler to collaborate on “Sound to Shapes” from the soundscapes series. They will perform live at the opening night and create sound generated landscapes for the bacterium to grow on during the entire exhibition.
















Nurit Bar-Shai is a multimedia artist working at the interface between art, science and technology. She was exhibited at the OK-Center in Linz, The National Art Center Tokyo, SESI Gallery in Sao Paulo, the Science Gallery in Dublin, The State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki and The Center for Digital Art in Israel. Bar-Shai received a Prix Ars Electronica 2007 Honorary Mention, the 11th Japan Media Arts Festival Jury Award, ETC Finishing Funds award, funded by NYSCA, ARTIS – Contemporary Israeli Art Fund Grant, and was commissioned by, with funds from The Greenwall Foundation and with funds from The Jerome Foundation. Bar-Shai is the co-founder and the Art and Culture Director at Genspace NYC, Inc., a community Bio-Tech lab in Brooklyn NY. Her work can be found at:

Born in Dortmund, Germany, Nils synthesizes the aesthetics of the industrial landscapes of his hometown with his explorations of infrastructures and everyday realities. Most of his works is tied to waves, more specifically sound. He also designs and builds products physical as well as virtual – recently for Intel and Makerbot Industries. He can be reached at:



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