color of nature (actually is metal)

true colours miniatures

found by james + lex pott:



found by james + lex pott: true colours miniatures

When an element like copper is found in nature it has a green colour. Iron has an orange / brown  colour when being found inside the earth. Oxidized metal surfaces create colours that provide information about a material. The pallete is a reaction with the base material.
Therefore the coloured surfaces have an organic growth of colour and not every colour is possible on every surface. Colouring metals requires accurate recipes. This project shows the results of a research on metals and their true colours; a direct relationship between colour, material and information.

true colours miniatures

the true colours series started as a research project into colour and was motivated by the desire to create a framework in which nature can express itself and maintain beauty. lex works with 6 rectangle panels of industrially processed brass, aluminium, steel and copper.
he applies various chemical processes to generate oxidization of the material and records the formula with typography on the face of each panel.
as each metal transforms from one shade to the next, it creates a unique alchemistic colour palette, revealing how nature can produce extraordinary results. 


Edhv – oxidation


Experimenting with screen-printing metals. By mixing the metals with acid and salt the oxidation sets in and produces different colors. No pigments were used. The oxidation process takes about a week. More on this soon.





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